Air Tractor AT-8002F

The AT-802F is a fast, agile single engine air tanker, designed from the tires up for rapid response firefighting. Powered by the reliable PT6A-67AG turbine engine, The AT-802F has a ferry speed of almost 200 m.p.h. Because the turbine engine requires no warm-up time, An AT-802F pilot can take on a full 820-gallon load and be in the air, headed for the front lines in as few as five minutes after receiving a dispatch. In contrast to heavy air tankers based at larger airfields, the 802F can land on short dirt strips,land with floats on nearby lakes, even work from county roads a few miles from the fire to dramatically reduce ferry times to and from the front lines. This short-field performance capability, fast ferry speeds and rapid turnaround on the ground can make a big difference when response time is critical.

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Air Tractor (1 Aircraft in Fleet)

Aircraft Type :
Air Tractor AT802 Fuel Hauler
Year :
Oldest 2007
Passenger Capacity :
Range :
Up to 1.250 km
Speed :

  • 230 km/h normal cruise speed
  • 110 km/h minimum survey speed

Minimum Airport :
250 meter any surface runway
Equipment :
  • Full IFR flight capability with double instruments
  • 2 Main Navigation GPS units
  • 1 Supplemental Moving Map GPS
  • 1 GPS based Terrain Warning
  • 1 GPS / Iridium based Aircraft Tracking and Autopilot
  • 1 Traffic Warning System
  • 1 Weather Radar System
  • Special Mission Electrical Bus
Crew :
  • Professional licensed crew
  • Professional maintenance crew