Diamond DA-42 Twinstar

Since February 2007 Susi Air operates one of the most modern light twin engine aircraft available. This aircraft is equipped with the latest avionics with a Garmin 1000 Glass Panel. For a small group of up to 3 travellers this plane offers a perfect charter with an economical price and excellent performance. Starting in February 2008 this aircraft will be mainly used for the Susi Flying School based in Pangandaran.

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3 Passanger Capacity

Comfortable leather seat

G1000 Avionics

One of the best avionic glass panel available on market.

Diamond Twin Star

Aircraft Type :
Diamond DA-42 Twin Star (1 Aircraft in Fleet)
Year :
Oldest 2006
Passenger Capacity :
Range :

  • Up to 1.800 km (long range cruise speed)
  • Up to 1.500 km (normal cruise speed)
Speed :
  • 320km/h normal curise speed
  • 240 km/h long range cruise speed
Minimum Airport :
700 m runway any surface
Equipment :
  • Full IFR flight capability with double instruments
  • 2 Main Navigation GPS units
  • 1 Supplemental Moving Map GPS
  • 1 GPS based Terrain Warning
  • 1 GPS / Iridium based Aircraft Tracking and Autopilot
  • 1 Weather Stormscope System
Crew :
  • Professional crew in cockpit with industry leading experience, trained at our Susi Air training center to the highest international standards.
  • Professional maintenance crew